3 years

Unlike sport, in business the win-win is the best possible score.  -Rasheed Ogunlaru

And it's the only possible score.

It's been 3 years at Mainland Medical Clinic and I feel 20 years younger. It took a while to let go of the stress and fear, and allow myself to feel... absolute zen. I'm finally in my zone, my happy oasis. I actually want to be at work!

Something is happening to me. This gratitude shit really works.

I went into this profession for me, to figure out my own pain. If I can help others that's a bonus. I make a 6 figure income by doing nothing and knowing very little. I'm a work in progress. Like most of my major life decisions, this one was shaped by pain and the ensuing uncertainty. When despair and hopelessness become an exhausting feedback loop, I try to approach the problem like any other injustice over which I have no control - with curiosity. Learning about pain helped when nothing else did. 

Being authentic at work is a necessity. Anything else makes me physically sick, and there's no long term financial gain anyway. People in pain may be desperate and vulnerable (I know I was), but they're highly educated, probably smarter than me, and can smell bullshit a mile away. To better serve you all, I make a serious effort every day to ensure that my office is a science-informed, bullshit-free zone. 

To Danica Willson, RMT, and Dr. Brian Montgomery, thank you for this life changing and career defining opportunity, it means more than I could ever tell you. Danica, I'm forever indebted to you for referring me here. And thank you to my loyal patients - I hope you never *need* to see me again, and I hope to go out of business (yes I really want this to happen!). It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with and learn from each and every one of you. I wish you all the peace, happiness, and prosperity this work has brought me.